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Entry #1


2011-07-09 15:08:59 by ChewCrew

Mr Dunno: Hello Everyone!
Mr Doodle: What are you making?
Mr Dunno: A post for they know us!
Mr Doodle: Really?
Mr Dunno: Yep
Mr Doodle: So hurry! do it!
Mr Dunno: I'm trying, your lunatic!
Mr Doodle: You know my name is not lunatic is Mr. Doodle!
Mr Dunno: Ok stop to talk and get out of here!
Mr Doodle: Okay, Okay! i'm out! nervous dude

*Mr. Dunno back to edit the post*

Mr Dunno: Oh My! You make me forget!
Mr Doodle: Forget what? Your name? haha
Mr Dunno: No , I forgot what i was posting because i was distracted and..
Mr Doodle: *interupting* So you should be more responsable!!
Mr Dunno: *mad mode: on* I'm going to kick your...
Mr Doodle: STOP!!!!!
Mr Dunno: stop? why?
Mr Doodle: you forgot the microphone turned on!
Mr Dunno: OMG!


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2011-07-09 15:16:34

And what's your first language?


2011-07-09 22:37:40

Holy shit... I have a crew? I never knew...