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"Who Are Who?"

2011-08-16 20:44:03 by ChewCrew

Mr Doodle: Hi guys We are here to say:"Chew Crew is only our logo name"
Mr Noodle: Yeah! And If you persist we turn a Gang and Chew you until you die!
Mr Lamb: Mwahahahaha!
Mr Dunno: wha...?is just a joke, yes?
Mr Noodle: Of course! XD

So the Chew Crew is our logo of comics, cartoons or anything we draw...
Our intend is post comics, cartoons or anything one time per week, and if we have already a fan and a good idea send us.Don't worry you will receive credits for history... It's all... An last warning: now we are in the middle of homework 'n' tests, and the comics can have some delay of several days.

We hope you have fun with our comics, cartoons or anything!

Mr Doodle , Mr Dunno , Mr Lamb 'n' Mr Noodle


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