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2011-10-05 08:05:45 by ChewCrew

Mr. Doodle: Hi everybody! Hey, i'm here today to let you know that we are "back to the show"!
Mr. Dunno: But, where was us all this time?
Mr. Doodle and Mr. Dunno: NO!!!
Mr. Doodle: well dude, i was studing for a big test and i had no time to draw anything, Mr. Dunno was working a lot these days ago, Mr. Noodle was a little occupied with his GF and Mr. Lamb was.... was.....
WHAT THE H** was you doing Lamb?
Mr. Lamb: I was... playing games at NG! There's nothing to compare with the fun of play at NG!
Mr. Doodle: Yeah you are right kid! NG is the best!
All Mr's: YEAH!


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2011-10-05 08:09:35

Hey buddies! We will like a lot if everone who came to here, leave us a comment!
Please, let us know about what should we do to you enjoy even more our work!

Thanks from all Mr's!